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Six Six Marketing works with a number of clients across the architectural, charity, graphic design, industrial products, fashion & lifestyle, estate agency as well as other sectors. Marketing consultant work with these clients has taken place using a mixture of social media marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), website strategy, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing and content creation to achieve their unique objectives. Campaigns with these clients have had many achievements; key pages have been ranked at the top of the first page of Google, the costs of PPC advertising greatly reduced through SEO gains, an ever increasing amount of sales leads generated, growth in social media likes, engagement and web traffic, blog content strategies implemented that gained great traction in terms of hits and readership and search engine presence improvements on Google My Business. Ongoing marketing consultant work with these clients has successfully addressed a range of small business marketing issues, with the six core problems being low awareness, poor visibility, ineffective presence, insufficient enquiries, lacking credibility and bad retention. 

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Marketing consultant project examples

Below there are four marketing consultant case studies, you can click the images below to go through to the websites of these clients. Six Six Marketing has worked with them to implement a strategy to meet their unique objectives of improving the quality and frequency of sales leads, improving communication of events and bringing new methods of revenue generation, creating a fresh new digital presence and rank articles and content effectively. 

Ecclesall Design
Architectural design business.
Actions: Improved awareness, increased visibility and credibility
Achievements: Implemented an SEO strategy that saw the site grow to page one rankings for key search terms, this allowed for a huge reduction in PPC spend. A new social media campaign was launched on LinkedIn and Facebook which had much success with increasing page likes by several hundred with consistent engagement. A blog strategy was developed for people wanting to use architectural design services had great traction and a wide readership, all of this met the strategy aim of an ever increasing amount of sales leads. 
Friends of Sheffield Manor Lodge
Historical society and charity.
Actions: Increased visibility, more effective online presence
Achievements: Conducted an on-site SEO review of the website, improved the keywords used and ensured meta data was comprehensively filled. A new Google My Business listing was created to further optimise SEO. A blog strategy was enacted in order to share news about the organisation as well as different types of activities planned. Following the covid-19 pandemic a new strategy allowing local businesses to sponsor the organisation was launched.
Alison Calder Celebrancy
Celebrant and public speaker.
Actions: Increased visibility, improved credibility and awareness
Achievements: Designed a new website from scratch to enable Alison Calder Celebrancy to have a much improved digital marketing presence. Alongside this, the website has a complete SEO strategy, with keyword data thoroughly researched to optimise the site. The website's content gives potential clients a deeper understanding of the role and benefits of using a Celebrant for their important event while demonstrating Alison's public speaking skills. The SEO work completed here brings both traffic and leads to the business. 
Beyond The Visible
Fashion and lifestyle blog.
Actions: Increased visibility and improved awareness
Achievements: Conducted an SEO review of the website ensuring that future and historical articles are all correctly optimised for search engines. Delivered ongoing marketing and SEO coaching and consultancy sessions to the Beyond The Visible team. These sessions include consultancy for social media management and marketing. SEO work conducted ensures that each article posted is best placed to rank for the keywords required, this has proved highly successful for website traffic. 

Marketing consultant client testimonials

"I can't recommend Luke enough. We previously had a long-term relationship with a large marketing/SEO provider who were fine, but quite expensive and I was increasingly feeling that we weren't their most important client. Luke was recommended to us and gave a presentation that was so long and detailed (sorry Luke!) that we had no option but to believe that he had really taken the time to get under the skin of our business"

"We cancelled the other contract, and engaged Luke. We've never looked back. Our organic growth is up and our PPC costs are vastly reduced. A very cost-effective decision, and we've never been so busy"

Marketing Consultant Client
Sue Humphrey: Director Ecclesall Design
"I would highly recommend Luke Chapman. When it comes to social media and marketing it’s like a foreign language to me, a huge marketing web that is so confusing. Luke coached me stage by stage on each individual social media strategy as well as how I could also generate my own leads through marketing. His advice was exceptional and he gave it to me in language that I understand. He set me achievable goals and targets and is constantly on the other-side of the phone if I need help"

"Luke certainly knows his stuff and I would highly recommend him. At the end of my working strategy with him this is what Luke made me write “I MUST BE DISCIPLINED AND REMOVE EXCUSES”... I have really worked on my strategy since that day. Thank you Luke"
Marketing Consultant Client
Oneela Ahmad: Oneela Protects
"I spent my first session with Luke Chapman today, it was amazingly productive, my web site is really taking shape already. He is very thorough with some great ideas. I am looking forward to our next session when he will teach me to engage with clients on social media. I would strongly recommend using his services - what a great investment of my time and resources - thank you Six Six Marketing!"

Marketing Consultant Client
Alison Calder: Alison Calder Celebrancy

You can hear about the experience of clients above, one way that Six Six Marketing is different from other marketing consultants is that at the end of every working month a review of the work carried out during that month is provided, broken down into what has been achieved by date and time. This is important, as it demonstrates the value that clients receive from Six Six Marketing campaigns, which ensures consistent marketing gains and happy clients. 

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