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Six Six Marketing is a digital marketing consultant based in Newcastle upon Tyne, supporting a number of diverse clients in a wide range of sectors by implementing marketing strategies that deliver results.   

Six Six Marketing is different from many other marketing consultancies in the way that your campaigns are handled. This is because all of the time that Six Six Marketing is engaged is accounted for at the end of every month with a detailed list of achievements delivered for every hour and day of work on your campaign - this ensures that your marketing is moving forward every day, giving your business a sustained boost.  

Six marketing consultant services selected for the needs of your business
Address six crucial small business marketing challenges
Years of marketing campaigns that deliver SME growth

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A Newcastle based marketing consultant that gives your business a boost

Six Six Marketing is a Newcastle based digital marketing consultant offering six core marketing services that address six crucial SME marketing challenges that hold your business back. This marketing consultancy was founded and is run by Luke Chapman, an enterprising and successful digital marketer in the North East of England. Luke has a long track record of delivering leads and sales growth for SMEs. Due to Luke's vast and diverse expertise he offers a complete service package which meets all of your needs. This means that marketing campaigns undertaken by Six Six Marketing are both comprehensive and importantly are delivered in a cost effective way for an SME. 


You can contact Six Six Marketing using either the website form or email address above. 


0191 580 9066

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Six Six Marketing is a Newcastle based Marketing Consultancy located in: 

Toffee Factory, Lower Steenbergs Yard, Quayside, Ouseburn, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 2DF

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