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Marketing consultancy Newcastle

Marketing support for your small business

Six Six Marketing provides skilled and experienced marketing consultant services for your business. Six services listed below are designed to address six major issues that hinder many companies and hold them back from achieving success and growth. These services are available in a tailor made package for your business, often combining two or more services in order to provide the most effective marketing solution that you need. 

Social Media Marketing Newcastle
Social Media Marketing 

Build a brand and engage with your target customers through social media marketing. Services available on all major channels including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Search Engine Optimisation Newcastle
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Become more visible on search engines and climb the pages to achieve a steady stream of new, high quality leads for your business. SEO for all major search engines with a focus on Google. 

Digital Marketing Strategy Newcastle
Web Strategy

Joined-up thinking about your website and digital marketing presence will allow you to attain results online. A review of your strategy with a follow-up action plan will provide a path to success. 

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Newcastle
Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Climbing search engines with SEO takes time. PPC will get you to the top of search engines quickly providing new leads for your company. Six Six Marketing offers Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter PPC advertising. 

Content Marketing Newcastle
Copywriting and Content Creation

Copywriting and content creation shows your expertise and credibility to your website visitors and prospects. Regular blog posts and updates is a great way to share your experience and knowledge with potential customers. 

Email Marketing SME Newcastle
Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools that you can use to communicate with your customers and prospects directly. Six Six Marketing can grow a GDPR compliant mailing list and use the MailChimp email marketing platform for successful campaigns.

Marketing solutions to grow your business

Six Six Marketing provides skilled and experienced marketing consultant services for SMEs across a range of platforms. A selection of these platforms are listed below and include; Google, Google Ads, Google My Business, Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, MailChimp, WordPress and others. 

Grow your business by overcoming marketing issues

All too often, small businesses struggle to achieve the sustainable growth that they need. A lot of the time this is not because their products or services are below standard, but is due to the shortcomings in their marketing. Identified below are the six most frequent ways that most SMEs are underachieving in marketing which hinders their business performance.

Low awareness

Do few people know about your business? This prevents your business from getting the interest it needs to allow for a strong number of prospects and eventually sales. Your business needs an engaged network of followers in order for you to achieve high sales.

Poor visibility

When customers search for your products or services they need to find your business first. If a customer searches for your products or services on a search engine and your business does not come up on the first page, then your visibility is low. This means missed opportunities. 

Ineffective presence

Your website and digital presence needs to be fully thought through and effective. All aspects of your online strategy need to be geared towards one goal - increasing sales into your business. Disjointed digital marketing means your business may suffer and underperform.

Insufficient enquiries

A lack of viable sales leads is arguably the biggest problem that any small business faces. Without a steady stream of sales leads turnover will be impacted. Often this can lead to a business quickly becoming no longer viable. Do not let this happen to you. 

Lacking credibility

Small businesses, especially those that are new, often lack credibility in the eyes of prospects searching for their products and services. They need to prove that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to be an expert in their field.

Bad retention

It is great to have a customer or a client, but how do you keep them so they return time and time again to use your products or services? If your client retention is bad, then your business is losing opportunities. This makes it difficult to keep the business sustainable. 

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Six Six Marketing will consult with you in detail to research your needs and provide the most effective package to deliver maximum impact to your business. Following detailed research and consultation a range of options will be brought to you for consideration in a quotation.

Conduct detailed research
Six Six Marketing will really get to know your business in detail with analysis of your current and previous marketing statistics and goals.
Range of options
A range of options will be brought together, based on the research carried out. This will provide your business a targeted boost. 
Quotation to consider
These options will then be brought to you in a quotation to choose from, with a presentation of what can be achieved based on budget allocation.

A marketing consultant that is transparent and delivers for you

Six Six Marketing is fully transparent about the time working on your campaigns. All time spent working on your marketing, no matter how small, is detailed at the end of every month in a 'monthly work review'. This outlines time and hours worked, but importantly the tasks completed and value achieved in this time. 

This is what makes Six Six Marketing different form other marketing consultancies who are often opaque about their service. This means that every month we can track the improvements brought to your marketing, guaranteeing that your business will be moving forward and ensuring you are always happy. See our Case Study page using the link below to hear from successful clients. 

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