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Does your SME need a marketing boost? Perhaps you have been going for a while but are finding it hard to grow, or you are just starting out and want to get off the ground running? Well, you have come to the right place. Six Six Marketing will bring together six essential marketing consultant services to make your strategy bespoke and comprehensive. These services are designed to address six crucial marketing issues that SMEs suffer from in order to make your marketing effective and provide maximum impact. 

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So, what does Six Six Marketing do?

Six Six Marketing is here to help small businesses grow by bringing them a practical, intelligent and comprehensive marketing strategy. Six marketing consultant services are tailored to the needs of your small business, providing a bespoke and complete process, addressing six key marketing issues that impact small businesses.

Six Six Marketing will analyse the issues with your marketing performance, find the problems holding you back, create a bespoke strategy to address these and then deliver an action plan to fix the problems and enable your business to succeed with effective marketing.  

Alongside this Six Six Marketing provides regular small business marketing advice via Twitter and LinkedIn, giving you expert free marketing guidance for your SME across a wide range of topics.

Six marketing consultant services for your SME

Six marketing services include social media, SEO, website strategy, pay-per-click, email marketing and content creation. These comprehensive services form an effective growth plan.

Addressing six key marketing issues SMEs face

Six essential marketing services address issues that hold small businesses back: low awareness, poor visibility, ineffective presence, insufficient inquiries, lacking credibility, and bad retention.

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The six services below address the issues that impact your marketing

Correcting marketing problems allows your SME to achieve consistent growth

Your marketing strategy will be bespoke containing some, or aspects of all of the areas listed here. These are then brought together into a winning formula for your business. Service areas are chosen for your campaign after extensive research to ensure success. 

Social media marketing

Build a brand and a following among your target audience. Social media marketing across key channels will help your business gain traction, leads and an audience of followers that will support your company.  

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Consistent SEO work will allow your business to, over time, climb up search engine results pages and achieve a steady stream of new website traffic that can convert into new business. 

Website strategy

Your website is a hugely important marketing tool, it needs to attract new customers, build trust with them and provide all the info they need to make a buying decision. Make sure your strategy works. 

Pay per click advertising (PPC)

SEO is a long term game, with work done now reaping the rewards at least three months down the line. You can ensure you get in front of prospects using search engines to find your products and services with pay per click (PPC) advertising. 

Copywriting and content creation

Providing valuable and engaging content for your target market is critical to your business. By providing this content, you can demonstrate to your potential new customers and clients that you have detailed knowledge in your field and extensive experience.

Email marketing

Email marketing is an important tool in your marketing strategy. Six Six Marketing can help you build up a mailing list of prospects, using innovative email marketing campaigns and email marketing automation to send emails at the opportune moment to your prospects.

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Many small businesses suffer from marketing underperformance

Make sure your SME is not held back by suffering from one of the problems listed below

  • Is your business struggling with low awareness? Social media marketing will help you gain a following and pool of people that will engage with your business. 
  • If you have poor visibility on search engines, then you need SEO. Make sure you get noticed first on Google. Visibility is key to your business success. 
  • An ineffective presence online can stop your business from achieving. Make sure your website keeps visitors focused, interested and excited. Your digital strategy needs to provide your business with results. 
  • Does your business have insufficient enquiries? Many companies suffer from this. It is the most significant risk to an SME. With pay-per-click, you will have a steady stream of viable, high-quality leads.
  • A displayed knowledge of your field is required to convince potential new clients that they should choose you. Show your experience effectively with content marketing to help make sure you don't lack credibility
  • Keeping existing clients is as important as gaining new clients. Ensure they know that you appreciate them, use email to upsell and retain their business to overcome bad retention

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