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Six Six Marketing is a Newcastle based marketing consultancy by Luke Chapman, focusing on six key areas of marketing which bring a comprehensive strategy to your business. These six services are designed to address the six crucial issues that impact small business marketing performance which, once addressed, will lead to success and growth. 

Luke is a successful and enterprising marketing consultant with a proven track record of delivering leads and sales growth for SMEs. He has developed a wide and varied range of marketing experience in many different settings. 

After studying business and marketing at University he then worked for several years as a B2B marketer within the industrial plastics industry, leading to years of sustained growth in the company and helping to increase annual turnover by £1M following over a decade of stagnation. Luke's marketing consultant work at Six Six Marketing followed this and now he manages the marketing strategies of clients in the architectural services, charity, graphic design, fashion & lifestyle, hospitality and computing sectors. 

Due to the range and breath of Luke's vast experience he only occasionally needs to work with other marketing professionals to deliver projects. This would usually be required for complex briefs and is carried out with client approval beforehand. Luke's marketing consultant skill set ensures that your strategy can be delivered in an effective yet cost manageable way for a small business. 

It is often more informative and engaging to hear real life examples of marketing experience first-hand from clients. If you would like to hear directly from some of Luke's clients about how successful the marketing strategies that Luke has put in place for them have been, then please contact and this can be arranged. 

Your expert digital marketing consultant, based in Newcastle, UK. 

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What Six Six Marketing consultancy can do for your SME:

Analysis to create a comprehensive marketing strategy

When you engage Six Six Marketing detailed research and analysis will be carried out on your business, target audience, revenue generation, current marketing position and marketing goals. The results of this research will then be matched against six key marketing services, bringing some or potentially all (if relevant) to your business to give your marketing the boost it needs.

Address the marketing issues that holds your business back

Following detailed initial campaign research the selection of the six areas of marketing that your strategy requires will be decided. These six services are designed to address the six main marketing problems that your business will face. This strategy will be bespoke to your business and its needs, this ensures that results and growth will be delivered. 

Deliver growth by implementing a strategy that works

Detailed initial research leading to a bespoke and unique marketing strategy will address marketing problems which hold you back and will bring results for your SME. Six Six Marketing has allowed businesses and organisations in a wide variety of different sectors to achieve their marketing objectives. Results are quantifiable and delivered ongoing with increasing success, follow the button at the bottom of this page to see happy and successful marketing consultant clients of Six Six Marketing.


Why choose Six Six Marketing as your Newcastle marketing consultant:

Six Six Marketing has years of experience in delivering growth for small to medium sized enterprises. Using a combination of social media marketing, SEO, website strategy, PPC advertising, copywriting & content creation with email marketing - a bespoke and comprehensive strategy will be brought together for your business. These six marketing consultant services address six key marketing issues that small businesses face, which includes; low awareness, poor visibility, ineffective presence, insufficient enquiries, lacking credibility and bad retention. Solving these problems will ensure that your marketing is effective and your business is successful. 

The experience that Six Six Marketing will bring to your campaigns ensures that you will achieve your marketing goals and move your organisation forward successfully.  When Six Six Marketing is engaged on any campaign all the time spent working on your marketing is accounted for, which many marketing agencies do not do. At the end of every month clients receive a monthly work plan, which details all of the time worked to the hour on each specific date and importantly a list of exactly what has been achieved for your marketing in this time, this ensures that your campaigns are moving forward constantly and you can be confident that every minute Six Six Marketing is engaged will translate into achievements for your business. 

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Six Six Marketing is rated one of the top Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle by DesignRush.

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