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Six Six Marketing works with many clients across a wide range of sectors, as you can see in the case studies below. Marketing consultant work with these clients has taken place using a mixture of social media marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), website strategy, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing and content creation to achieve their unique objectives.

Campaigns with these clients have had many achievements; key pages have been ranked at the top of the first page of Google, the costs of PPC advertising greatly reduced through SEO gains, an ever increasing amount of sales leads generated through Google Ads, growth in social media likes, engagement and web traffic, blog content strategies implemented that gained great traction in terms of hits and readership and search engine presence improvements.

Ongoing marketing consultant work with these clients has successfully addressed a range of small business marketing issues, with the six core problems being low awareness, poor visibility, ineffective presence, insufficient enquiries, lacking credibility and bad retention. 

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Below are some examples of marketing consultant case studies. You can click the image or buttons below to go through to these clients’ websites. Six Six Marketing has worked with them to successfully implement a strategy to meet their unique objectives using various marketing channels and methods.

Ecclesall Design

Implemented an SEO, social media marketing, and Google Ads campaign, leading to a significant rise in website traffic. Achieved top of first page ranking in Google for essential high traffic keywords, with a continued increase in viable good quality enquiries. High amounts of followers and post interaction gained on social media profiles using Instagram and Facebook with boosted posts, adding hundreds of new followers.

N1 Garden Centre

Implemented a search engine optimisation campaign to increase the visibility of the garden centre’s diverse plant and homeware e-commerce products. Improved the company’s Google Business Profile as well as listed all products in Google Shopping to gain increased clicks, with a focus on ranking products organically in Google when searched by the name of the plant leading to an increase in online sales. 

Anderson Health

Implemented a strategy to improve the website’s content with newly created web pages that answer a prospect’s essential questions when searching for health insurance. Methodically worked through the entire website to increase SEO ranking for all important keywords. Work was carried out on Google Search Console to correct indexing errors, reversed months of falling search engine positions with a new monthly blog strategy. 

Freedom In Numbers

Implemented a search engine optimisation and content strategy to boost rankings for the business across their high traffic target keywords. Posting blog articles with all SEO elements complete to ensure a high ranking. Optimising content across all website areas leading to a steady and sustained increase in search engine positions. Organic traffic is now the most important source of website traffic and enquiries.

A Million Stories

Implemented a website strategy, Google Ads, Bing Ads, and social media marketing campaign, leading to rising website traffic and improved website presence and functions with continually increasing Google rankings for product keywords. Posting guest articles on relevant websites to build backlinks and increase the profile of the brand. 

Lincroft Music

Implemented an SEO and Google Ads campaign for Lincroft Music School in the United States. Increased important keyword rankings to page for lessons specific search terms, leading to a sustained and large increase in organic impressions and clicks from both Google and Bing. Working in Google Ads to create new campaigns for each specific lesson which worked alongside remarketing adverts to attract and bring traffic back to the website leading to fully booked lessons and a high number of enquiries. 

W.T. Parker

Implemented SEO, content and copywriting with a social media marketing campaign. This has led to rising search engine rankings. A regular blog provides excellent advice and information for letting and estate agent clients with high traffic levels and interaction on Facebook. Using social media advertising created high engagement on posts and a great deal of interest into listed properties. 

ASG Media

Implemented a copywriting and content creation strategy with SEO. This has led to growing search engine rankings which have gone from previously outside of the top 100 results to now be high on the first page. A blog content campaign is bringing new traffic and leads to the website. Content across the site has been continually rewritten and improved. 

Friends of Sheffield Manor Lodge

Implemented an SEO, website strategy, blog content with copywriting strategy. Fresh website content and blog articles helped get Friends of Sheffield Manor Lodge’s events, member benefits and critical information across to their audience more effectively, boosted by rising search rankings.

OH3 Occupational Health

Implemented an email marketing, SEO and Google Ads campaign for OH3 Occupational Health. The campaign has achieved growing levels of website leads and enquiries, page one rankings for business keywords, higher levels of traffic than ever before and email newsletters sent to a now growing mailing list. The business has achieved a constant stream of high quality website enquiries. 

Alison Calder Celebrancy

Implemented a website strategy and SEO campaign. Alison Calder Celebrancy needed a new website to reach a wider audience for celebrant services in Scotland. A new website was built to display their experience in public speaking with SEO elements of the new site completed. 

Beyond The Visible

Implemented a website content and SEO campaign for Beyond The Visible fashion and lifestyle blog. With search engine optimisation work and ongoing coaching, the site now has improved its appearance in search engines to grow website hits and readership. 

UK Tools and Fasteners

Implemented an SEO, Google Ads and Google Shopping campaign. After working methodically through all sections of the UK Tools and Fasteners website to optimise the site for search engines, ongoing efficiency work on their Google campaigns led to a dramatic increase in traffic. 

Interlock Adhesives

Comprehensive work throughout the website to enhance the search engine visibility and ranking of Interlock Adhesives by systematically optimising web pages and blogs. This strategic approach aimed to elevate the site’s position for specific keywords relevant to the adhesive industry in both Google and Bing. Ongoing work to improve the company’s Google Business Profile to create a more effective search engine presence whilst boosting online citations and backlinks.

Sportrack Surfaces

Sportrack Surfaces has undergone comprehensive search engine optimisation to secure top-of-page one rankings for high-traffic keyword search terms. A strategic focus on both Google and Bing has targeted relevant keywords for sustained visibility. Extensive work on Google Ads has continually increased conversions through refined campaigns. The Google Business Profile has been improved to enhance local search. Additionally, new and important landing pages have been added to attract new website users.

Marketing consultant testamonials

You can hear about the experience of clients below, just some of the reasons why businesses all around the UK choose Six Six Marketing to deliver their; social media marketing, SEO, website strategy, PPC advertising, copywriting and email marketing campaigns.

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Over ten years of experience in marketing campaigns for a wide range of different businesses. Campaigns that deliver growth in leads, enquiries and sales for wide range of different organisations in diverse sectors. 

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Six different marketing consultant services address six issues holding your business back. Your business is unique and so is my service, campaigns will be tailored to your specific needs. 

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Marketing training and coaching can be provided to increase your knowledge and the skills in your team. All of my clients receive a monthly review detailing all work completed and what has been achieved in this time

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