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Email Marketing Consultant

Warm up leads with email marketing

In a world full of advertising, you’d be surprised at the results you can get from something as simple and affordable as email marketing. What’s less simple, however, is setting up your campaigns in the right way.

That’s why I created my email marketing service. With minimal input from clients, I can craft emails that generate leads, engage customers and boost branding, and I have over ten years of experience doing so.

Grow your database

I take the time to get to know your target audience so you can add more like-minded people to your database. Then I create eye-catching designs and copy that draws them in. You’ll end the process with an email marketing list full of leads that love what your brand is about.

Platform set up

I’m experienced with a range of email platforms and can help you to set up your systems


I can create longer-form emails that take a deep dive into your brand, product or services

A/B Testing

I will continually test our email copy and graphics to optimise your results



I split your audience into key groups and set up automated emails to efficiently convert them


I help you to ensure that you’re meeting all data protection regulations with every email

Boost your results with audience segmentation

My email systems segment your audience to tailor your communications towards specific groups based on their preferences, behaviours and demographic information. This allows you to achieve different goals at the same time. For example, you could teach one group more about your business by sending them blog content while you could promote your products and services more directly with a segment of warmer leads.

Access data to track results 

I provide insights into open rate, click-through rate and conversions so that you can see how your email campaigns are performing. I also use this information to tweak our email content to boost your results. 

Email Marketing Consultant FAQs

Which businesses should have an email marketing strategy?
An effective email marketing strategy can benefit businesses of all sizes. By creating interesting content, you can push leads through a funnel that takes them from being unaware of your product to making a purchase. Email marketing is also a great way to build a community and boost your branding. 
How can you build your email database?
To collect email addresses and build your database, you need to find your target audience and give them the chance to consent to receive your content. This might involve creating gated blog content that people have to sign up to see or including an opt-in form with a description of the value of your emails on your website.

It could also involve hiring the help of an email marketing consultant like Six Six Marketing. I have years of experience developing strategies that encourage people to subscribe, and stay subscribed.

How do I ensure my emails comply with legal regulations and spam laws?
I follow these steps when ensuring that your email marketing complies with key regulations:

– Obtain explicit permission before adding people to an email list
– Include a clearly visible unsubscribe button
– Ensure that you write subject lines that reflect the content of the email
– Don’t “spam” recipients with emails

By using an email marketing consultant such as Six Six Marketing, you can stay on top of email marketing laws without stress.

What are the benefits of paying for an email marketing consultant?
An email marketing consultant can help you to engage old and new customers and build a database of warm leads. You can also set up complex segmentation to target groups for different goals (such as brand awareness or a sales promotion). By helping you to understand analytics, email marketing consultants enable you to track performance and keep improving your results.
How should you choose the right email marketing consultant?
To choose the right email marketing consultant, speak to potential companies about your goals and listen to their suggestions. A good consultant will have ideas about audience segmentation and key metrics to track right away.

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