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Marketing advice for your business

As a business owner or professional, you will know your business and your products intimately, but do you fully understand marketing? Follow this regular small business marketing blog if you need to learn more to help your business grow. Read regular posts on various marketing topics written in easy-to-understand language with content directly transferable to helping your business. 

Why you need to fix your websites broken links now

Why you need to fix your websites broken links now

Is your website driving potential customers away with broken links? A website with broken links leaves a poor first impression. Learn how Six Six Marketing can improve your website’s user experience and boost its SEO ranking. Don’t let broken links hinder your online success – get in touch with us today

What are Facebook ads? Discover a lost-cost way to advertise your business

What are Facebook ads? Discover a lost-cost way to advertise your business

If you’re a new or small business owner looking for an efficient and budget-friendly marketing method, dive into the world of Facebook Advertising. This article explores the ins and outs of Facebook ads, from their seamless integration into the platform to precise targeting capabilities. Learn how you can leverage this powerful tool to boost brand awareness and find your ideal customers.

Marketing support for your business or organisation

Marketing is essential for any business, particularly for small businesses or medium-sized enterprises that need to stand out from the crowd and gain market share when pitted against much larger competitors. You need marketing to allow your business to find, communicate and importantly, keep your audience loyal to you. Marketing is not something that happens just once; Coca-Cola did not advertise their business once and then stop, never to advertise again. It is an ongoing process essential to allowing a company to flourish. Marketing needs not just be ongoing but also executed effectively.

If you own or manage a small business, you need to ask yourself how effective your marketing is? Determining how much impact your marketing has is relatively easy to figure out. Are you pleased with the number of sales leads that you get? Are you happy with the number of followers you have on social media? Are you content with where you appear on search engines? If you are not, then your marketing is not adequate, and if your marketing is not successful, then your business is underachieving, and you need expert help to put that right. 

Marketing advice and support for business owners

Why should marketing be important to me?

Business failure for startups and SME’s is the rule, not the exception. In the UK, based on figures released in 2021, 20% of businesses fail in their first year, and around 60% will go bust within their first three years. Business failure can be for many reasons, but as a business owner, if you manage to sort out your product, suppliers, finances and HR, what do you need next? You, of course, need marketing to communicate effectively with your customers and target market and ultimately make sales and revenue. Having great suppliers and staff is excellent, but that alone cannot ensure a business will survive. The final ingredient to the recipe of success has to be a marketing strategy that works. 

What does this marketing blog aim to achieve?

This blog will advise and guide small business owners about how to market their business effectively. Through reading these blog articles, you will learn from a marketing expert how to help improve your business marketing strategy. Articles here will be easy to read, informative and written in a way that a beginner can understand. Too often, marketing terminology is confusing and unnecessary. These blog articles will speak a language that you can relate to and will contain lessons that you can directly apply to your marketing to get better results for your business today. If you like the article, then share it with friends and colleagues on social media and elsewhere. 

What if I need additional marketing support?

You can read the blog above to gain regular and up-to-date advice and guidance across a range of small business marketing topics. However, if you need more ‘hands-on’ support, then your business would benefit from one or more of our six marketing services. Get in touch with us to get the help that you need. 

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